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Text link advertising with teliad: Get started now on our marketplace

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Date: 11/29/2009
Surname: isnain febry ariyanto
Text link advertising with teliad: Get started now on our marketplace

Hello isnain febry ariyanto,

Since registering for our marketplace you have not yet successfully
established yourself as a text link trader. We would like to make it as
easy as possible for you to buy and sell text links. Should you have any
questions regarding our system, the procedure or the individual steps in
text link trading, you are welcome to contact us.

We would be delighted to be able to help you further.

Targeted link building belongs to the most important forms of search
engine optimisation. The sale of text link advertisements on your own
website guarantees you a fixed monthly income, completely independent of
click rates or page views. Text link trading has become one of the most
important forms of online advertising.

Simple. Effective. Successful.
Text link advertising with teliad.com
With more than 90,000 text link places on over 25,000 offered URLs, we
are the leading German marketplace for text links. we make it easy for
you to earn money with text links. Our automated system makes text link
trading as simple and effective as possible.

A powerful partner
Our marketplace is the meeting place for advertisers and webmasters. Our
customers include large international corporations, well-known SEO
agencies and one-man companies alike. We offer advantages for each of
our customers.

High quality
Advertisers find high quality text links at teliad. We offer sellers the
greatest possible flexibility in integrating the text link
advertisements, so as not to impair the quality of the website.

Little effort
You save valuable time. Forget the laborious searching for topically-
relevant websites, price negotiations and settlement of payments.

Continuous checking
Numerous checking mechanisms check the set text links at regular
intervals. Sellers retain the autonomy over their website, since they
can freely decide whether or not to reject a text link.

Simple management
The marketplace is designed so simply and effectively for both buyers
and sellers that the text links virtually manage themselves.

Many good reasons speak in our favour. We are constantly working to
improve our services and our system. We look forward to welcoming you
back to our marketplace soon and wish you every success in the trading
of text links.

Please use our contact form if you have any questions (you cannot reply
directly to this email):


Almost all of the usual questions are dealt with in detail in our FAQ
(manual clarification by our support team is only necessary in very rare


teliad Internetmarketing GmbH | http://www.teliad.com/
Kreuznacher Straße 62 | 70372 Stuttgart, GERMANY
Managing Director: Andreas Armbruster
Stuttgart District Court HRB 720138

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