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Navbar Blogger Support dengan Warna Transparant

Posted: 30 Oct 2009 05:52 PM PDT

Blogger kembali memperbaiki sistem tampilan pada Navigasi Bar mereka, jika dulu navbar blogger hanya memberikan 4 pilihan warna tradisional yaitu Blue, Black, Tan dan silver, sekarang blogger menambahkan dua lagi skema warna baru yaitu "Transparan Light" dan "Transparan Dark.".       Skema warna baru ini memanfaatkan kemampuan browser modern untuk memberikan transparansi (sebuah teknik yang

Lowongan kerja terbaru Finance Staff PT BAYAN RESOURCES

Posted: 29 Oct 2009 12:07 PM PDT

Lowongan kerja terbaru Finance Staff PT BAYAN RESOURCESPT BAYAN RESOURCES, We are one of the biggest coal mining companies in Indonesia. In line with our expansion plans and commitment to grow, we are seeking to recruit high caliber, creative, highly dedicated, and dynamic professional:


Scope of Job:

  • Prepare payment to Supplier with Payment Voucher

  • Reconcile balance and bank book

  • Input transaction of cash book into ACCPAC


  • Male/Female, age between 22 – 27 years old

  • Having experiences maximum of 2 years in similar capacity

  • Education minimum Bachelor Degree in Finance

  • Computer literate: Ms. Office, Accpac (would be desired)

  • Good proficiency in English both oral & written

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Jumat, 30 Oktober 2009

COAL burning process

Coal combustion process a little more complex when compared with oil or gas. Coal combustion process itself is through three phases: drying (drying), the evaporation of volatile (devolatilization) and char combustion (char combustion). For the process of pulverized coal drying, devolatilization and char combustion will take place in sequence with a period of burning char (char burn period) is relatively longer compared to the drying and devolatilization stages

Drying is a process of evaporation / drying moisture in the coal. Moisture in the coal is divided into two types, namely: in the form of free water (free water) is located between the pores in the form of coal and bounded water (bound water) is absorbed in the surface structure of coal. Bituminous coal has a little free water, mostly in the form moisturenya is bounded water. At the moment included in the coal pulverizer, the coal having heating process (heating) by the primary water. Heat transfer process that occurs within and along the pulverized coal pipe is the convection heat transfer by the primary water. Water will evaporate and forced out of the coal particles. Drying time is the time needed to heat the coal particles to the vaporization point (the point of vaporization) and evaporate the moisture content of the existing.
Flame Ignition began to take shape at this point. The higher levels of Volatile Matter then the easier the coal burning and combustion will be more stable.

Char Combustion
The final stage of the process of coal combustion is char combustion. When complete devolatilization, the coal is left of carbon char and ash. Carbon char is very porous (porous) so that oxygen can be char berdiffusi penetrate into the outer layer (layer externally) and continued into the char particles. Combustion rate of char depends on the rate of chemical reaction of carbon-oxygen reaction on the char surface and the rate of oxygen in diffusi internal boundary layer (boundary layer). Surface reactions which produce CO outside the particles react to form CO2. The reaction will raise the surface temperature of about 100 char-gas temperature above 200oC. Combustion rate of char is also dependent on oxygen concentration, gas temperature, gas flow Reynolds number, particle size and porosity of char char. For engineering purposes, the approach is to use a global rekasi (global reaction) to calculate the rate of char combustion. Global reaction rate to calculate the mass of char reaction rate per unit area and per unit surface oxygen concentration outside the particle boundary layer. Carbon char reaction with oxygen at the surface to form carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2), but its main product is carbon monoxide:
C + ½ O2 CO (a)
Surface will react with carbon korbon dioxide and water vapor:
C + CO2 2CO (b)
C + H2O CO + H2 (c)
Reduction reaction (b) and (c) is generally slower than the oxidation reaction (a) and for combustion usually only reaction (a) being considered.
By setting the sizing coal (70% passes 200 mesh) is to sizing / same diamater then the burnout time of coal will be relatively the same.
So the total time required for burning coal is the perfect summation of the drying time, Pyrolysis time and char burnout time. Coal combustion optimization is achieved when the moisture of coal as fuel into the room only by 1%. The rest have been vaporized (drying) time in the coal pulverizer and pipe. It is intended that the coal will go into the engine has just devolatilization stage, the fire began to form. Remaining 1% moisture is intended as a safe limit to prevent pre-combustion in the pipe. The data show that coal moisture content of Low Rank Coal has a higher moisture so that the total time for the burning of coal is also higher. This means delays will occur in the furnace combustion. Apart from coal burning time, which take into account is the flow rate of coal into the furnace. The faster the flow of coal is the distance from the fire will burn more distant. Low rank has a lower calorific value of coal and thus need more air, automatic high-velocity flow as well. Two factors, time and speed, will determine the residence time of coal (resident time) in the furnace

Bursa Lowongan Kerja

Bursa Lowongan Kerja


Posted: 29 Oct 2009 04:18 PM PDT

PT Parazelsus a multinational distributor and service provider company to the healthcare industry in Indonesia, is looking for: WAREHOUSE PHARMACEUTICAL – OPERATION ANALYST. He/ she is responsible to conduct operational audit, ensuring SOP are complied throughout branches. Qualification needed: - S 1 Industrial Engineering - Experience as Internal Audit Assisstant Manager in Pharmaceutical/ FMCG company For those who has the [...]


Posted: 29 Oct 2009 04:10 PM PDT

Starting from “Intisari”, first published on August 7, 1963, Group of Magazine – Kompas Gramedia has now become one of the biggest periodical tabloid & magazine groups in Indonesia. Group of Magazine – Kompas Gramedia is focused to publishing their editions periodically with the commitment to give & publish the best quality of information according to society´s core values, and now owns [...]

Kamis, 29 Oktober 2009

O-OM.COM | Blog Tips dan Blogger Tutorial

O-OM.COM | Blog Tips dan Blogger Tutorial

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GazoPa: Mencari Gambar di Web Jadi lebih mudah

Posted: 28 Oct 2009 09:36 PM PDT

GazoPa merupakan salah satu alternatif layanan pencari gambar di web selain Google image search. Layanan yang dikembangkan oleh Hitachi ini sangat memudahkan pengguna untuk mencari gambar berdasarkan kategory tertentu, bisa berdasarkan gambar sendiri, gambar yang ditemukan halaman web atau berdasarkan kata kunci tertentu.   GazoPa sangat memungkinkan pengguna untuk mencari gambar yang

Bursa Lowongan Kerja

Bursa Lowongan Kerja


Posted: 28 Oct 2009 05:59 PM PDT

We are an establish real estate property agent, currently looking for many candidates to fill vacant positions below : GRAPHIC DESIGNER Requirements: Able to operate Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Freehand. Please submit the CV, cover letter and photograph to: Roy Weston Puri Indah Sentra Niaga Puri Indah Blok T1/3A Jakarta Barat 11610 Or mailto:bde@royweston.

CPNS DKI JAKARTA 2009 Membuka 3225 Lowongan

Posted: 28 Oct 2009 05:27 PM PDT

Dalam rangka mengisi lowongan formasi Pegawai Negeri Sipil Daerah Provinsi DKI Jakarta Tahun 2009. Pemerintah Daerah Provinsi DKI Jakarta membuka kesempatan untuk menjadi Calon Pegawai [...]


Posted: 28 Oct 2009 05:13 PM PDT

Pengumuman Penerimaan Calon PNS Kementerian Negara Pembangunan Daerah Tertinggal Tahun 2009 Download PDF Halaman 1 Download PDF Halaman 2 Download PDF Halaman 3


Posted: 27 Oct 2009 06:47 PM PDT

As reputable automotive company, today we are challenging and looking for a talented, competent, and strong character individual as part of our growth and expansion plan for. ENVIRONMENT SAFETY & HEALTH ( ESH ) Requirements 1. Male, age max 28 years old 2. S1 Environmental Engineering with GPA min. 3,00 from reputable university 3. Having excellent communication skill in English both spoken and written 4. Excellent interpersonal skill & [...]


Posted: 27 Oct 2009 06:15 PM PDT

We are a subsidiary of multinational pharmaceutical company, currently looking for a talented individual for permanent employment as: General Affair Staff Standard Requirement: * Diploma 3 in any discipline. * 2 years of relevance working experience in GA matters and/or Human Resources area. * Male/Female, max 27 years old. * English proficiency and Computer literate. * Positive Attitude and Teamwork Player. Send your complete Resume (+ recent photo) to us no [...]


Posted: 27 Oct 2009 05:58 PM PDT

Pakuwon Group A major property developer well-established in Jakarta and Surabaya, Immediately need outstanding: Executive Secretary -Female -D3 or S1 degree with strong background in secretarial field -25-35 years old -Min 5 years experience -Speak English fluently -mature, well organized, resourceful and high initiative -Able to work under pressure and long hours -Able to operate computer with quick typing skill and good punctuation -Able to work and [...]

Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009


Water and steam cycle running in a closed cycle (closed steam-water cycle). At the beginning of the process (start-up), demin water entering through Hot well. then from Hot well water is pumped by pump Condensate Polishing devices through which functions like a mixed bed, which is to bind the ion - ion impurities in the water. The existence of this tool to anticipate when the condenser sea water leaked into the system. So that there is salt in the water content, which can damage the equipment, then, the water will be fed into Gland Steam Condenser. Gland Steam Condenser steam serves to cool the seal on the turbine, condensate and water heating, water heaters and into the low pressure Low Pressure Heater (LPH # 8, # 7, # 6, # 5) is heated using steam extraction results from LP turbine. And from the LP heater, the water then entered the deaerator. Deaerator functions as heating, storage, and also removes dissolved gases in water. The deaerator steam extraction is the result of the IP turbine, so the deaerator can be also referred to as heater # 4. absence of oxygen at high temperatures can cause corrosion of pipes - pipes of the boiler. Oxygen separation process carried out by spraying water on the tray-story, so that the grains - grains of water so that gas or air is more easily separated, the steam sprayed from the bottom, so that the gas and carried off steam.
The water then is pumped using a boiler feed water pump (BFP) in the High Pressure Heater (HPH # 3, # 2, # 1) is heated high pressure steam extracted from the turbine high pressure and moderate (HP and IP turbine). Water and steam into the drum. From the steam drum, water down through the downcomer through natural circulation. Experience in water heating tube wall, so that some of the water into vapor phase becomes saturated (saturaded steam) and then channeled back into the steam drum. In the steam drum there is a separation of water and steam. While vapor-phase which has been forwarded to the superheater and has continued to be warming up steam (superheated steam).
Steam pressure up to 17.44 MPa and a temperature of 540 oC superheater used to play high pressure turbine (HP turbine). Out of the HP turbine, some of the steam is used as seals (seal) in the gap turbine. So that the steam turbine HP and IP are not able to get out while the LP turbine outside air can not enter the turbine. Advanced steam reheater pressure of 3.61 MPa and temperature of 540 oC is used to turn turbines are pressure (IP turbine). Furthermore, without reheating the steam used to turn the low pressure turbine (LP turbine). Round three of these turbines is used to turn generators and produce electrical energy.
LP steam from the steam turbine into the condenser to be cooled and dikondensasikan, by taking the media from sea water cooling. Sea water into the condenser when pumped by a circulating water pump. after condensing the vapor will change phase into the water and the capacity in the Hot well, the next cycle (water vapor) will continue to spin like at the beginning of the process (of Hot well water) to pass the equipment on the power plant to generate electrical energy.

The process of combustion air

In the combustion process, air will be used in the combustion air consists of primary and secondary air. Primary air produced by the Primary Air Fan (PAF) to bring coal into powder that has been in the furnace.
Secondary air produced by the Force Draft Fan (FDF). The air is then heated in a water heater and into the wind box to the boiler. Secondary air then into the furnace for the combustion process. Time combustion of exhaust gas and fly ash, drawn by the Induced Draft Fan. Exhaust gas and then go to Electro Static Prescipitator (ESP). In the ESP, the flue gas is separated from fly ash, the dust and other particles in the exhaust gases. ESP works capture the dust with the positive electrodes and negative. Fly ash generally has ion, would be caught by these electrodes. Then the motor will move the bat that will thrill electrodes so that fly ash will fall and was taken by air using a compressor to the fly ash silo. Fly ash can still be used as material for making cement.

Process Coal and Ash Handling
For the generation process at the Cilacap power plant with a capacity of 2x300 MW, it is necessary to supply coal for 2x152 tons / hour coal.
From the Coal Yard, coal transported by using Stacker and Reclaimer. Stacker / Reclaimer take a bucket wheel coal, passed on conveyornya, then dropped to the conveyor below. With the conveyor belt of coal brought to the crusher to be destroyed to pieces the size of ± 3 cm. Before you reach the crusher, the coal is passed magnetic separator device to capture metals are carried on the coal. Then enter the roller sieve, which can separate the large coal and small. Large coal crusher to put into being a little crushed forwarded. After the coal into small pieces, passed again by conveyor to the coal bunker.
From the coal bunkers, coal into the coal feeder that will regulate the flow of coal to the mill. Here, the coal is ± 3 cm in size were destroyed in a way that is shaped like crushed filings which measured about 200 mesh. This process is done in order to more easily coal mixed with combustion air and wide penampangnya greater. Time combustion of heavy ash (bottom ash) fell under the furnace.

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Boiler Catagory

Based on Purposes & Construction:
1. Package Boiler 4. Circulating Fluidized Bed
(heating boiler) (CFB)
2. Industrial Boiler 5. Supercritical Boiler
3. Utility Boiler 6. Marine Boiler

Based on Heating Area:
1. Fire Tube Boiler 2. Water Tube Boiler

Based on Heat Source:

1. Conventional Boiler 2. Heat Recovery Steam

Based on Circulation:

1. Natural Circulation 2. Forced Cirulation

Based on Support:
1. Bottom Supported 2. Top Supported

Heating Boiler

Indistial Boiler

CFB Boiler

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New Feature: RSS Cloud Support
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In the world of RSS feeds, one thing missing from the beginning has been support for real-time notifications. Until recently, any feed reader (Feed My Inbox in our case) has to manually go check a feed for updates on a regular basis. That is, unless it is being notified through a pinging service.

We've been testing "real-time" emails on Feed My Inbox for a while. Anyone that sends us an email (help(at) and requests to receive their updates in real-time rather than once per day can try it. The problem is that our system only gets around to checking a feed roughly every 3-4 hours for updates, so it is not truly real-time.

Over the last several months, two extensions to the RSS protocol have been made available, which allow real-time "pushing" of new feed content to third party services (like ours). They are RSS Cloud and PubSubHubbub. We plan on supporting both, but decided to start with RSS Cloud.

We deployed support for RSS Cloud a couple of weeks ago. Already over 2,000 feeds in our system are cloud-enabled, with that number growing every day. Cloud-enabled feeds will "push" new feed content to our service immediately, allowing the updates sent to subscribers to be truly real-time.

Dave Winer is the guy behind RSS Cloud and literally wrote the book on the RSS specification almost nine years ago. Wordpress is the first major supporter, and all 7.5 million blogs hosted on are already cloud-enabled. If you self-host a version of Wordpress, there's a plugin to help.

How do I know if my feed is supported?

Look at your feed's source code. Cloud-enabled feeds have a tag like this at the top:

<cloud domain="" port="5337" path="/rsscloud/pleaseNotify" registerProcedure="" protocol="http-post" />

Can I implement this into my feed(s)?

Yes, but doing so is rather technical in nature. Here are a few resources to get you going:

We're so excited to bring these protocols to you, as we feel it's a huge step in the evolution of RSS (and Atom) feeds.


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Bursa Lowongan Kerja

Bursa Lowongan Kerja


Posted: 26 Oct 2009 05:43 PM PDT

We are Reputable Oil & Gas company located in Kalibaru, Tanjung Priok North Jakarta  is looking for highly qualified candidates to fill the position of: 1. Finance Supervisor Requirement 1. A Degree (S1) in accounting 2. Relevant 4 years working experience in Finance & Accounting with min. 2 years experience as Finance & Accounting Supervisor. 3. Experienced in Retail Collection 4. Good [...]


Posted: 26 Oct 2009 04:56 PM PDT

Urgently Required at THE HARVEST – Surabaya We are a 5 star quality cake shop operating 8 outlets in Jakarta and Surabaya with over 400 employees.  We are seeking candidates to fill in the following vacant position.. Join our family and be a part of our rapid growth and success. As Auditor / Accounting Requirements : Male, age  23 – 35  years old. Min. [...]


Posted: 26 Oct 2009 04:22 PM PDT

Untuk mendapatkan Calon Pegawai Negeri Sipil yang berkualitas dan profesional dalam melayani masyarakat tidaklah mudah, berbagai upaya nyata telah dilakukan oleh Pemerintah Provinsi Jawa Timur.Salah satunya melalui Pengadaan CPNS yang terencana, profesional dan transparan. Dipenghujung Tahun 2009 ini Pemerintah Provinsi Jawa Timur berencana merekrut Calon Pegawai Negeri Sipil untuk mengisi beberapa formasi jabatan yang dibutuhkan [...]


Posted: 25 Oct 2009 07:48 PM PDT

URGENTLY REQUIRED We are a fast growing telecommunication services company inviting professionals to fulfilled challenging positions : HRD Officer Requirements : Female, 21 – 35 years old Min. hold a Bachelor degree from reputable Universities with GPA 3.00 Preferably from Psychology or Business Administration background knowledge Having knowledge in Human Resource Development Having knowledge in telecommunication sector is preferable. Having strong leadership and able to [...]


Posted: 25 Oct 2009 07:44 PM PDT

International Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs) that was established in Birmingham, UK in 1984. It seeks to promote sustainable economic and social development by working with local communities through relief and development programmes. In addition to emergency relief our programmes cover sustainable development, emergency relief and orphan support. Our focus areas are: Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Bosnia, Egypt, Kosova, [...]