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Advice on Starting a Business

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Hello again Isnain,

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I've been quite busy this week with running my home business!

I'm always on the Internet, Isnain looking for informative articles! I found one that I think you'll really like.

Getting advice when you start a home business, it can be easy to get confused. Chances are you don't know anyone else that has started a home business so where do you go for help.

First go online. The Internet is a great resource for people who have a home business. You can find articles and newsletters with information and advice. There are also many message boards, forums and blogs where you can read, ask questions and get advice from other home business owners.

Go to your local library. Talk to the librarian. Libraries contain all sorts of home business books and resources. Your librarian should be more than happy to help you do research.

Find a mentor. They are usually volunteers who have had great business success and will be glad to help start up new businesses. They often have years of experience and can be really helpful.

The SBA. The Small Business Administration provides a multitude of material on starting your own business. Visit http://www.sba.gov

Depending on where you live, you might find local government agencies that will give you free help and advice. Check your listings for small business center in your area.

Your bank should have been the first place you went if you were thinking of starting a business. While they're no replacement for accountants, most banks will have a business advisor on staff to help you open a business account. They can be especially helpful with the technical and financial elements of starting your business.

Lawyers know all about starting a new business. It can be well worth paying for an hour of a lawyer's time and just asking them every question you can think of. Look around you may even be able to get a free consultation.

Accountants also know all about business and can be less expensive alternative to lawyers. If you want your business to be profitable you should take the advice your accountant gives you and if you don't have one, you should get one.

Look for investors. There are people who back businesses for a living. If you think your business would be attractive to investors then you can try going to an investor with your idea. If they like it, they will often have a quick process set up to get your company up and running as soon as possible.

Visit your local universities. They are full of business students. They spend all their time learning about business, and many of them would just love to help get a real one off the ground. Business students can be a great source of free help and advice.

Remember whatever industry you're thinking of entering probably has some kind of trade association, society or union. You should join as soon as you can, and take advantage of all the resources that offer to people getting started in their industry.

There is an endless supply of help and advice out there. Just don't be afraid to ask!

We appreciate you! Take care,

Toni Shrader
email: info@tonishrader.com
My website: http://www.seniorhwy.com

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