Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009

Example Control Using Power Plant Integrated Control System

That power plant Ombilin.
With increasingly advanced technology, on-pambangkit generating new forms of control systems is the integrated control of an increasingly refined. At the plant - while generating average - average boiler controls in the event of changes in load, both demand dispatching center as well as requests from the network frequency changes, always the control of boilers and pressure changes in the flow of feeling by the sensor due to changes in governor valve opening (main steam flow changes) , so often the case keterlambantan of control in generating boiler.Akan but the new-generation, order or request that the burden of change comes from the turbine control signal delivered in parallel to the opening of the governor valve (HP Steam Flow Demand) and to control boiler (Boiler Load Demand). So that the control is more stable than the system-control control other forms.

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